Cala d’Albarca

Albarca, Catalonia, Spain - What Happens In Cala d'Albarca Cala d'Albarca is a cove in the northern seaboard of the island of Ibiza in Spain. The cove is located within Sant Antoni de Portmany. It is about 22km north of Ibiza town. Only a determined adventurer will have acess to this secluded bay. On the western side is Cap d'Albarca while the eastern side is Caps de Rubio which are 200 meters above sea level. Down the cove is a rocky beach which has no sand but are beautified with impressive boulders and pebbles. There are numerous flattened rocks and ledges suitable for sunbathing spot. The water is a deep turquoise when the sun rises and always crystal clear. This is good for hiking and snorkelling. A visit to these place is more of a expedition than a day in the beach. High cliffs surrounding a beautiful bay creates the perfect backdrop for this sunny hideaway. Spend anytime here exploring and it's easy to get the impression that a kind of giant has piled up the boulders to create a stone sculpture of immense proportion. One of the spectacular sculpture in Cala d'Albarca is a cracked and precarious natural stone arch which silently challenges the foolhardy to cross. The Pitstop in Cala d'Albarca include locals lunching at the neighborhood restaurants. The corner next to Sant Mateu provides a short menu with a cripsly fried goat's cheese salad which is our favourite recommendation. Other items on offer includes omelettes, burgers and salad. It is a lovely place for fine dinning and romantic meal and also it is a lively place to integrate with locals. Expect music, dancing and plenty of the locals firewater. Cala d'Albarca is really a show for people looking for a place to exhibit naturism, relax and enjoy seclusion and also feel like hearing music, dance and have romantic integration with the partner or the locals.


Es Portixol

Is Es Portixol Spain Worth Visiting? If you are like to visit nature-oriented attraction sites in Spain then you are probably considering going to Es Portixol. Now, in case you haven't heard of it, Es Portixol is one of the most popular beaches in the island of Ibiza. As most tourists would say, it is one of the greatest beaches in the island. If you still haven't decided on whether to go there or not then read on to learn more about the popular tourist spot. All about Es Portixol The beach is located in Ibiza, an island which shelters the most beautiful resorts in the world. Standing in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, it gives you easy access to nature's greatest sea and geographical wonders. And just like most beaches in the island, it is a great place to relax, unwind as well as enjoy nightlife. Being Close To Nature Most beaches in the country have already gone through reclamation works which have taken away their natural flare. You don't have to worry about Es Portixol losing its nature-given glory. Being far away from the modernized side of the island, the beach still has all of its natural assets (trees, structures, animal habitat, etc.) and local officials are committed to keeping it that way. This would mean that you will be able to get to enjoy the best things nature can offer at Es Portixol. Things You Can Do in Es Portixol Aside from swimming at the beach, there are other things you can do in this natural wonder. You can try out restaurants and bars in the area and meet new people. If you want to get a good view of the fishes in the sea, you can do some snorkeling. And in case you want to do some site exploration, you can walk around the island and discover beautiful spots in it. With the great things that it offers, Es Portixol is something that you shouldn't miss. Include it in your priority list once you land in Spain.